“Life in Regional Australia is not life in the undeveloped wilderness or the outbacks of Australia.” –David, Perth Australia

Migrating to Australia from Singapore or elsewhere is not just about moving to larger cities, but exploring other bigger opportunities in the regions. Life in the regions is not the life in the farms and rural areas whereby there are more sheep and cows than human beings, and that life there means life living with no one around you; it is absolutely an incorrect perception because if that if so then how about considering major capital cities such as Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or even Hobart. Regional areas are not “Ulu”, which means remote in Malay, where inaccessibility and lack of infrastructure are of major concern.

I am a resident of Australia for more than 30 years now. The city has been now designated as regional, but even for that, I have moved even further into regional areas… and I couldn’t have made a better decision because the quality of life, healthcare, educational opportunities and options for my children, and infrastructure is immensely great. It is just as good as in the city, yet it does not have the problems that come in living in big cities such as overcrowding, congestion, pollution, as well as the overall increase in the cost of living.

To understand regional immigration, I wish to, first of all, clarify the notion that Australia is all about Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. No doubt that these are major centres of commerce and businesses; we cannot deny that they are very large cities on their own. And being large cities there will be a wide diversity of cultures, food, and labour. Generally, life in these major cities is fantastic by way of their infrastructure and services. However, due to the convergence of so many cultures, there is the existence of certain “own place” in these major cities. And by way of communities of people forming “own place”, that is where a lot of problems start to arise. Whilst they may feel fairly comfortable, living in an “own place” does not really represent life in Australia, because Australia, by and large, is a multicultural society.

Australia has been very welcoming to migrants…

Australia in general, as I have found, is a place where people tend to be very accepting of migrants. But where migrants only grew together in a certain community and resist integrating into the larger society where the primary language spoken is non-English, it opens opportunities for racism or any racist acts. By and large, racism exists in Australia but it does not necessarily exist any less in any other parts of the world. But because racism has been outlawed in Australia, any such acts/attempts would definitely incur the attention of the media.

Regions offer great opportunities as well…

When it comes to jobs and work, the regions do provide ample opportunities. Where white-collar office jobs are a concern, especially those in the financial sector, there is nowhere else that can beat Sydney by way of opportunities, or Melbourne for the technology sector. However, with more job opportunities also come more competitions for these sorts of jobs and where competition is concerned, if you are in that kind of a competitive environment you will always have to work longer and harder. It is not as if life in all other regional cities doesn’t have great opportunities in all industries and sectors. But what is most distinctive about employment opportunities in the region is that there is a much smaller supply of skilled workers. Whilst demand may be lower, supply may be even lower than demand. And we all know what happens when high demand is met by higher supply or conversely low demand is met by lower supply.

One’s success in Australia is sometimes is as dependent on addressing the supply issues of jobs and not simply the high demand of the particular skill set.

If you do qualify to move to major cities, do so. But, understand that there is so much more to be exploring and many more opportunities to consider in in regional areas, in which the government is giving a high level of processing priority when it comes to immigration, so why would you not want to increase your chances of bettering yourself, your job opportunities and lifestyle than to restrict yourself staying Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

For those who are presently living in major cities, unfortunately, due to the high concentration of people there and the pandemic situation, you just have to comply and it is not practical to move out straight away. It will just be a temporary lockdown situation and be glad that it will definitely come to an end. But do understand that there are opportunities that go beyond Sydney and Melbourne, especially if you are prepared to explore other regions and that you are prepared to adapt to what the community and the needs of the employment situation. I’ve seen people who are trained as a chef in a major city explores another set of skills in the regions. Likewise, those who may be very successful in the financial industry do very well in the trades industry as well.

Long and short, if you are open-minded and prepared to adapt, you’ll find that you will be rewarded.

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