It’s the middle of December already! Shop windows sparkle with Christmas decorations and remind us of the impending arrival of the New Year’s Eve. The end of the year seems to be coming so fast! Time for closure. For completing what we have started. For reconsidering and evaluating – what have we done, what was achieved, where are we now, where do we want to be next year?

And if migration to Australia happens to be on your list, there are few things you should know about the holiday season Down Under.


As the majority of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere it’s very likely you are used to taking your farewells with the old year and meeting the new one in the middle of winter. Whatever it might be in your hometown – deep snow, freezing cold or mild temperatures – it’s nothing like the Australian New Year in the Southern hemisphere, where December happens to be peak summer time. And I bet the country will surprise you with some local specifics – not limited to crowded beaches, pool splashing, sunscreen smearing, barbeque parties, heat waves and sudden tropical storms.

I am not just talking about spending the Christmas holiday period on the beach, or by the pool – yes it is unusual (for us northerners) but is lots of fun as well and after a while, we all get used to it. Well, I mean – we still miss the snow and skiing, the woolly sweaters and hot chocolates by the fireplace, but we quickly learn to enjoy the magnificent Australian beaches, the camping, picnicking and the great barbeque gatherings with friends during those long, lazy public holiday season days.

School Holidays

If you are moving to Australia and planning the details it might help you to know that there are some other aspects of the holiday season you need to consider. Here December marks the beginning of the school summer holidays and the end of the school year. Australian School Holidays

So if you are moving with your family the summer school holidays will give you time to find a new suitable school for your children before the start of the new school year.

Families with school children try to make the change as smooth as possible for their kids, so they prefer to move house during the summer holidays. This allows their children to finish the school term at one school and start the new one at another school and saves them the domestic disruption of packing and unpacking during the school terms.

For a list of Australian Schools, including State, Catholic or Private visit Australian School Directory


December is also the end date of many projects and job contracts, which opens new job opportunities. And all of these affect the job and property markets.

People in Australia change jobs often and move often – either to get closer to a new job or to get in a good school catchment area.

Unlike Europe or other places in the Northern hemisphere where summer is a quieter time for most businesses in Australia, end of the year is the busiest period for recruitment agencies as many employers are gearing up and starting the recruitment process for the new projects and vacant positions they will have in the beginning of the new year.

Christmas Casual Jobs

Most retailers also hire additional seasonal employees during major holidays so that they would be adequately staffed to service shoppers. If you are looking for a full-time job, these temporary jobs may not seem appealing to you, but keep in mind that they could be your foot-in-the-door opportunity – if you impress your supervisors, the holiday part-time job could lead to full-time employment. Applying for these jobs should be done well in advance of the season, as these companies usually hire a month or so ahead to allow time for training. Find a Christmas casual job here – Christmas Casual Jobs

December Job Hunting

This is not to suggest that the rest of the year is not a good time for job hunting – there are of course many different factors affecting the various industries that lead to temporary increase in jobs availability – at the end or beginning of the financial year (end of June in Australia), at the end or the beginning of each quarter or when a particular industry is experiencing a boom or temporary customer demand increase (Easter period, for example, is another extremely busy time for retailers).

The important consideration in regards to job hunting is to keep in mind that the overlap of holidays New Year public holidays and summer school holidays means that a huge number of people (including managers making hiring decisions) go on long family holidays and that leads to a general slowdown in the recruitment process for the period between mid-December and mid-January. (Many businesses, government organisations, schools, private companies and services have a mandatory close down for about a week or longer from 25 December to 1 January and many employees use this opportunity to take their annual leave.)

For jobs visit :


A Migrant’s Essential Guide to Employment in Australia


As a result, thousands of Australian families are looking for a place to rent or buy in December and January. This causes property prices to go up under the pressure of the increased demand and this is particularly in the areas close to schools with a good reputation.

For renting visit:

If you happened to be a new arrival to the country and trying to find an affordable place to rent close to good school, you might be against some tough competition.

Child Care

Child Care might also be problematic in these areas as families would have planned the move in advance and pre-booked their younger ones for childcare too. For more on Child Care visit Mychild


End of year is also known worldwide as the time when all flight tickets and accommodation prices increase, so if you are planning to travel to Australia just then make your bookings well in advance to take advantage of early booking discounts.

For flight comparisons and preplanning visit Skyscanner

With all this in mind, summer is a wonderful time to arrive in Australia – sunny, warm and festive, with innumerable opportunities for travel, recreation and fun. It is the busiest tourist season Down Under and not without reason. Skilled migrants who arrive during this period are bound to find the whole experience of a ‘summery Christmas’ unique and memorable. But as you will soon realize, the lack of snow or the absence of reindeers does not diminish the Christmas spirit one bit. The warm weather and festive spirit is palatable across the nation and all Aussies get down to the business of doing what they do best – lighting up a barbecue under the shadow of the decked Christmas Tree.

Feliz Navidad


MIGRANT NINJA TIP – Plan your relocation to Australia well in advance, especially if you intend to migrate during the Christmas season when most services become expensive and most businesses and institutions come to a standstill.

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