MIGRANT NINJA TIP – Western Australian economy has been slowing down steadily for some time now. The state also has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. This has resulted in some drastic changes being made to the migration policy. Read the article below for full details.


Premier Mark McGowan says he is making sure local tradespeople “get West Australian jobs first” after slashing the number of occupations on the skilled migration list from 178 to 18.


Among those removed from the list, which fast tracks overseas workers into the state, are various types of engineers, which were in massive demand during the mining boom.

Bricklayers, electricians, refrigeration mechanics, teachers, cafe managers, psychologists and others are also off the list, following widespread consultation, Mr McGowan said.

The only occupations left are medical professionals, including GPs and some specialist doctors and nurses.

WA’s unemployment rate has been consistently above the national rate for more than a year.

“This is about West Australian jobs first and foremost, making sure we only sponsor those people that we actually need rather than a whole range of occupations where West Australians are already out of work and need those jobs,” Mr McGowan told reporters on Wednesday.

Those workers already in Australia would then have to apply to the Commonwealth if they wanted to stay after their visas expired.

As seen on (Posted – 21.06.2017). Original article by Greg Roberts (Australian Associated Press)

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