MIGRANT NINJA NOTE –  The webinar event organised by Terry O’Reilly of OBP Australia was a huge success. The topic of discussion was about finding a job in Australia and I was invited to speak on the subject as well as talk about my employment guide for all skilled migrants. Titled Aussie Migrant: Jobs, this book has been created in collaboration with experts ranging from Resume Writers, Career Guidance Counsellors, and Recruiters and has received rave reviews from industry experts and migrants alike. The main purpose of the book is to put you, the reader, in the driver’s seat as you embark on your journey as a migrant in Australia and to empower you with in-depth research and information so that you are in a much better position to seek employment and compete with the local workforce in Australia.

There were over 160 attendees and although the webinar was scheduled for one hour, it was evident soon enough that this time would not be enough to cover all the topics in great detail because of the barrage of queries coming in from all the attendees. There were some very important questions raised by some and I hope I was able to provide some insights based on my own struggles for finding employment as well as from all the information gathered from experts and fellow migrants. Terry, of course, did a marvellous job, providing some invaluable tips and recommendations based on his immense experience in dealing with thousands of migrant job seekers. In this post-webinar write up, I would like to re-visit some of the topics I intended to share with the audience because I’m sure there was a lot of information that I was unable to share due to a shortage of time. I would also like to address some of the pertinent questions raised during the event and provide some answers based on my own experiences and also based on the research that went into the making of this book.

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A Big Thank You to Terry O’Reilly of OBP Australia for organising this event and to all the attendees for their time.

Terry O’Reilly is the founder of OBP Australia. He has interviewed and advised over 3,000 overseas born professionals in the past 10 years, assisting in the transition to employment in Australia. He offers a range of services to his clients and can be contacted – HERE

Note – There was some data drop out at my end during the initial part of the webinar (8 minutes-11 minutes) during which time Terry was still taking questions. I do apologise for that.

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