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MIGRANT NINJA NOTE –  Seeking job opportunities as a migrant is a daunting task and the sooner you land your first break, the more comfortable the migration process will be for you and your family. The following article will help you in that direction.

With recruitment increasingly moving online, it is now theoretically easier and faster to apply for a job. However, according to recruitment site CareerBuilder, 60% of applicants quit in the middle of an online application, because of the complexity of the process or the number of questions. Clearly then, it is not as easy as it seems!

There are, however, some things you can do to ensure you complete an online job application successfully and ensure you make a positive impact.

Firstly, allow enough time to complete the application form and make sure there are no interruptions. This is especially true if the application form needs to be completed in one go, and there is no “save and return” facility. Set aside time when you know you can focus on the application and try to minimise distractions from phone calls, emails or other interruptions. Also, identify the application deadline date and complete the application well in advance. Not only do cut-off dates get moved forward but applying at the last minute and in a rush is unlikely to produce your best efforts.

Prepare before you start the application. Read the requirements in advance, understand and absorb the job description, and make sure you have suitable answers prepared for all the key questions. If there is something you don’t know about the company or industry, do some research before you start the application form.

Always keep a copy of what you submit – if you get called for interview, you will need to know what you have said! It will also help if you are applying for similar roles as it provides examples you can use.

If the application requires you to send in a copy of your Resume, don’t just send in the generic document you use for every application. Tailor your Resume so that it fits, as far as possible the job description and requirements of the role.  Pick out some key achievements that are a close match to the specific job. The extra effort this entails is worth it because your application will be more attractive to the employer than the majority of submissions they will receive.

Try to make an impact. Even though the application process may appear mechanical, there is still opportunity for you to demonstrate your qualities and the value you could potentially bring to the organisation. Show that you understand the background to the company and industry, identify key trends and include any relevant experience you may have. Never be afraid of demonstrating your enthusiasm and interest in the job.

Like it or not, technology-based recruitment is here to stay, and more and more roles will require the completion of an online application form. Learn to master them or they will master you. You’ll be glad you did.


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