Jobs. Isn’t that the foremost topic in most of our minds when we  migrate to Australia?

 P.S. – Thank you for the amazing response for my first ebook Aussie Migrant: Money which has proved to be a huge success. As I am now working on my next eBook I am reaching out to you for your invaluable input.

Employment is certainly a crucial factor when deciding how our life in Australia will materialize. Which city will I eventually settle in? Will I get a job in my specific field? What sort of wages can I expect? Will I be able to sustain with one income and provide form my family?

Your Input

What are the questions foremost on your mind? If I were to present you with a book what are the issues you would like for me to address? Here are some of chapter suggestions already received by other readers:

  1. What are my rights and obligations as a worker?
  2. How do I write an eye catching Resume and Covering Letter?
  3. What is government support I can expect as a worker in Australia?
  4. What are the work restrictions specific to my Visa?

What would you like to know? Tell me your concerns. I would like to hear from you.

As a Thank You I will provide you with a Free PDF about writing an Aussie Ready Resume and Covering Letter.



Australia Ready Resume


How to approach Employers in Australia?


What are Living Costs in Australia?


What is the present Job Market Scene in Australia?

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