A Dollar saved is a Dollar Earned especially when you have just migrated to a new country. Here are few budgeting tips to help you save some cash in Australia.

1) Look to buy second hand goods on GumTree . This is the first place people go to sell items when they need to make money fast

2) Make the best of the community Garage Sales. These are usually held on the weekends. For listings grab the Saturday morning papers. Remember that most of the sales begin at 6.00am so be early to get the best on offer

3) Always op-shop. Op-shopping can land you some great bargains. Visit Vinnies, Red Cross and any others you see in your day to day activities

4) Purchase the Entertainment Book. This book offers discounts and vouchers for dining and other services in your city. It covers most of the major cities and regional towns as well as New Zealand

5) Another great website for getting super discounted deals is Groupon. From entertainment to holiday destinations and much more

6) Use your own banks ATM, never pay AUD$ 2 or AUD$ 3 for using a non-bank ATM

7) Do a Cash-Out at COLES or Woolworths instead of using a non-bank ATM and incur fees

8) Always look for specials and clearance items when shopping for groceries at Woolworths and Coles. Some items get marked down by 95% if nearing expiry dates!

9) Dine out on Cheap Tuesdays when there are great offers on meals and take-away

10) Buy the Travel cards (for example the GoCard in Brisbane or Myki Card in Melbourne

To learn all 101 Tips on budgeting and saving money in Australia buy the eBook AUSSIE MIGRANT:MONEY available as PDF on this website and in Kindle version on AMAZON.