There are a range of options available for a SIM Card in Australia. The biggest providers are TELSTRA, VODAFONE and OPTUS.

But the best service provider by far is AMAYSIM, a leading Australian, online-led mobile service provider. All amaysim mobile and data plans are powered by the Optus Mobile Network, which covers 98.5% of the Aussie population. Their new range of 4G plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus network, giving you faster data speeds in more places.

I have always been with this provider since Day 1 and have never felt the need to migrate to any other provider. In fact Amaysim just keeps offering bigger and better deals all the time.

NOTE – Although it does sound like it, this is NOT a promotion or an advertisement for Amaysim. I am simply a very satisfied customer recommending a class product to fellow migrants!

Getting a SIM Card is as simple as picking up a SIM from one of the convenience stores or ordering one online!

The $29 AUD plan offers 3 GD Data, Unlimited standard national calls and texts AND unlimited calls to 10 countries.( China, Hong Kong ,India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom & USA). SWEET!!

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