So you have just arrived in Australia and figure you know the language and are ready to plug and play?

Well how would you answer someone who stops you on the street and goes:

G’day Mate! How you going? Which way to the nearest Macca’s? I have not had a single smoko since this arvo and am knackered. All I want is a big chook burger to fill my tummy and a lolly water to go with it.

Not quite the Queen’s English you were expecting were you?!

Well how about some Aussie-Lingo Education!

Download my FREE eBook that give you a concise summary of the most common slang words and some common phrases used in Australia.

So when your Aussie neighbor next shouts across the fence :

How you going? How about grabbing an esky filled with cold stubbies, your budgy smuggler and thongs and we head out in our ute to the beach!,

you might just know how to reply!

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Also see the hilarious video by hiJosh about Aussie Slang at the end of the post!.

How to speak Australian : Abbreviate Everything – Video Attribute – HiJosh