I was watching the David Attenborough's show about the Himalayas the other day on TV and I was taken back to the basic mountaineering course I had done in one of those magnificent mountain ranges. (See Link). The highest I have ever climbed has been during that training (Total Ascent - 16,000 feet) and I am proud to say that I did it all on my own two feet with the entire burden of the mountain gear on my own back!

Why do I speak of this on this website and what possible relevance can it have with migrating to Australia?

I daresay that the analogy between scaling up a mountainside and migrating to a distant land is not so far drawn at all.

In one you take it upon yourself to challenge yourself in the most rugged of terrains with nothing but a sheer determination to reach the summit  and in the other you take the biggest leap of faith by uprooting yourself from your homeland and moving overseas on nothing but a prayer.

Yet through it all we succeed. Not overnight, but over a period of time, we do achieve what we had set out to do. 

And when we look back at the days of our initial struggle it does make us feel proud to see how far we have come to establish ourselves in a foreign land which we now call our own. This feeling is similar to the feeling of accomplishment one would feel when he scaled the mountain and finally peaked the summit to revel in the splendor of the landscapes laid bare before him.

I did find it most challenging and nearly gave up a couple of times during my final ascent to 16,000 feet. At one point I even asked myself if I was gaining anything by pushing my body to such extremes. I would much rather have taken a customized trek, let the sherpas do all the heavy work and just pose for the photographs at the mountain top.

But you know what, at the end of our training when I did ascend to the summit the feeling of exhilaration and the sense of achievement was unparalleled and it is that feeling of conquest that guides me through all my future challenges.

I have yet to meet a single migrant who has not faced his share of difficulties when he first arrived in this great country. Moreover, I have yet to meet someone who has ever thought of going back once they arrived in Australia which I believe is the greatest testament about the opportunities this country presents to those who dare to dream.

So today I dare you to share your story with me and with all fellow migrants. You may have arrived with nickels and dimes and are now living the life of your dreams in Australia. You may have started a family and are now a proud and happy parent who would just love to share your experience with everyone. You could be a student who arrived for a graduate degree but stayed back, made a living out here and are now an Australian citizen.

Whatever it may be, I do believe we all have a unique story to tell as a migrant and it is in sharing our experiences that we can help all future migrants have the great start we wish we had always had!

So how far up the mountain have you climbed and how eager are you to reach the peak?


Do share your comments and suggestions below this post.

A fellow Migrant!


Adventurer, Writer and Backpacker Jason is a recent migrant to Australia. He has created the Migrant Ninja Series as a platform to guide all future migrants to Australia!