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Thanks for visiting my website – a platform created by a migrant for migrants. 

The concept for this platform came about when I first landed in Australia with a permanent resident visa, and began my long and tumultuous journey as a migrant in a new country.  The move has been immensely rewarding for me and my family, however, at the onset, I had to self-learn almost everything on the run: from opening a bank account, enrolling for Medicare, preparing an ‘Australian-style’ resume and a range of other skills. It was a steep learning curve, and the going, at least initially was quite challenging. 

In hindsight, if I had the relevant tools/resources and information made available to me at the very beginning, my settlement journey would have been much shorter and a whole lot easier. This website is aimed to provide all future migrants, what I (and most other migrants) lacked at the start of my journey in Australia.  

Through this website, you can expect to get all the latest news and releases relating to Australian migration and handy tips to help you make the move and to settle in with ease. 

The readers of this website will typically be:

  • People overseas who are contemplating making the move to Australia, or are at the planning stage
  • Permanent Residents
  • Migrants who have commenced their settlement journey in Australia
  • Migrants who are seeking employment, and do not know where to start
  • People who are on their way to becoming Australian Citizens


The Migrant Ninja Logo represents a Master with wings of a Monarch Butterfly, who are ranked as making one of the most impressive migrations in the natural world. Their annual migration spans 7,000 kilometres occasionally crossing mighty oceans, all in the hope of finding greener pastures. Much like you and me!



Do you think obtaining a visa is the hardest part of migrating to Australia? Wait until you start applying for a job here!

Did you know over half of the migrants arriving on a skilled Visa claim that securing a job is the toughest challenge one faces upon arrival in Australia?



“I never knew moving to Australia was so challenging. The information and guidance within this book is priceless and so much more than a simple ‘How To’.  Put together with such love and care by Jason – and it shows throughout.  I believe this is a ‘must read’ for anyone looking to make the journey and I wish you well in your adventure.” James “The Jobs Guru” Innes is the Founder and Chairman of The CV Centre& The Resume Center- the world’s leading CV and Resume consultancies. He is also the author of five best-selling careers books.
As a recently arrived migrant, I now know first-hand the challenges of getting a job in Australia. This book is the most comprehensive book that is specifically written for migrants. You will be surprised to know the differences of job hunting in Australia and this book will lay a good foundation, to begin with. Written in collaboration with experts this book is a must have! Sandesh Rego – Migrated from Dubai, 2016
Jason’s use of experienced career development practitioners to assist him means that the book addresses all the major issues surrounding career development and employment in a very professional manner. I recommend the book as an extremely useful and valuable resource to those new to Australia and those already in Australia who are finding it difficult to make career progress in a complex and challenging environment.

Col McCowan OAM, Order of Australia Medal

Author/co-author of a number of career-related books including “Working the Web: Career Planning via the internet”

The information and content are extremely well structured in its flow covering questions that any new migrant may have in relation to securing a job in Australia. I wish I had this kind of information at my disposal when I first migrated to Australia, as it would have made job seeking so much easier. I highly recommend this book to any migrant who wishes to maximise their chances of securing a job in the shortest time possible in OZ. Pavitra Ravishankar – Migrated from India in 2011



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